Minetec North is an industrial supply company serving construction, mining and oil and gas operations. The unique company is a joint venture between Minetec Industrial Supply, owned by Saskatchewan’s English River Dene Nation, and Yellowknife-based Bows & Arrows, owned by Yellowknives Dene Nation-member Roy Erasmus. First established in 2002, Minetec has continually adapted to the challenges facing its clients, modifying and increasing product line and inventory as required in order to meet client demand and the changing needs of industry. In 2016, Minetec and Bows & Arrows joined forces to create Minetec North, dedicated to serving mining and industrial operations across Canada’s North.


Roy Erasmus Jr.
Cell: 867 873-1972
Fax: 306 249-2041



  • Drill steel and bits
  • Ground support
  • Mobile equipment/parts
  • Underground equipment/parts
  • Equipment component re-building
  • Rock drills/parts
  • Safety supplies/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Schulte-Strathaus StarClean Conveyor Belt Cleaning System
  • Pipes/valves/fittings
  • Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products
  • Air/electric pumps/parts
  • Ducting and venting (HVAC) fans/parts
  • Gray and Dynamic Tools
  • Shotcrete machines/parts (incl. Putzmeister)
  • Janitorial products
  • Fuchs Lubricants
  • DK-Lok fittings and valves
  • Electrical cables/components
  • Instrumentation


Minetec North is committed to holding a significant inventory of stock for client-specific needs. This sets Minetec apart from its competitors and reduces lead time and freight cost to the client.

Contractor demand has led Minetec North to expand its ability to provide equipment on a rentals basis. Equipment available for rental includes mobile equipment, grout pumps and mixers, compressors, generators, mine rock drills (Jacklegs, Stopers, Pluggers), chippers, tuggers, trailer-mounted fuel cubes, and more.

Minetec North’s competitive edge includes a comprehensive understanding of today’s complicated procurement environment. Our staff have extensive experience in the tender and bidding process and have built strong relationships with a multitude of vendors and manufacturers at the local, national and international level which enable Minetec North to source material in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Minetec North is always exploring innovative ways to expand its business and improve its inventory and range of services. Our strategic partnerships provide additional benefits to our valued clients.

Unique partnerships with manufacturers give Minetec North the ability to custom produce drill steel for specific conditions. Our experienced staff works directly with client operations and mechanical teams at mining and industrial sites in order to determine solutions.

Minetec North’s alliance with Mansour Mining Technologies expands our ability to supply ground support solutions. The company is a certified dealer for Putzmesiter and Technosub/Tsurumi (pumps). Our partnership with Saskatoon Material Handling give us the ability to provide our clients with a wide range of specialized Merlo surface and underground telehandler equipment. Recent agreements with Fuchs Lubricants Canada and DK-Lok have expanded Minetec North’s product offerings to include those dedicated to underground operations, processing plants and mills.


The Minetec North team has extensive hands-on experience in construction, mining, engineering and the energy sector. Further, the team has experience in direct supply and procurement, providing wide-ranging knowledge of policies and procedures related to this area.

This distinct combination of practical experience and knowledge enables the company to provide the right product and solutions for the particular conditions the client is operating in on individual projects.

Minetec North is 100% First Nations-owned and committed to the training, development and mentorship of Aboriginals; 50% of Minetec employees are First Nations.

Bows & Arrows owner Roy Erasmus is a member of Yellowknives Dene First Nation and has years of experience in the mining sector of the Northwest Territories. For nearly a decade, Erasmus served as President and CEO of Det’on Cho Development, the economic arm of Yellowknives Dene Nation. Det’on Cho completed a wide scope of General Contracting work with Dominion, Diavik and De Beers between 2011 and 2015. Erasmus and Minetec are excited about the unique First Nations partnership between Minetec and Bows & Arrows and the capacity of Minetec North to supply mining and industrial operations across Canada’s north.