Bows and Arrows Inc. works passionately to ensure you organization succeeds. We come with whole array of partners that we can access to provide with all the resources your require, whether that is running a Band Office or planning small and large events in your community.

Indigenous integrity means to hold the community is at the centre, not industry.  It is our firm belief that anytime the Dene communities are accessed it should done from a Dene perspective:  Everything starts and ends with community and we will support all of our partners to understand and respect Dene protocol.  

We create partnerships with the Indigenous community, bring benefits to community artists and business owners, as well as liaise with community using strict Dene protocol.  The most important aspect of operating business or accessing local people is to understand what is important to them.  To ensure that your initiative is successful and benefit everyone involved, we will always support our business partners to understand this is important when doing work in indigenous communities.  

Based upon the experience, education, values and beliefs, Bows and Arrows Inc. can offer Consulting Services in the areas of:

  • Project Management;

  • Conflict Resolution Training;

  • Negotiations / Mediation / Talking Circles;

  • Business Planning and Development:

  • Liaise with community and government;

  • Indigenous Governance Strategies;

  • Business Financing Sourcing;

  • Community Development;

  • Business Analysis;

  • and more...