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Naturally Dene

We are 100% Dene owned and operated by Lila and Roy Erasmus Jr.  Naturally Dene has evolved from providing just teas, to offering a whole variety of cultural teachings and workshops.  Both Lila and Roy are Dene from the North:

Roy is bred, born and raised within his beautiful homeland of Ndilo, Denendeh (also know as the NWT).  His Father, Roy Erasmus Sr is a Yellowknives Dene from Ndilo and his mother, Leone Paul (née Lafferty), is originally from the Mikisew Cree First Nation from Fort Chipewyan, Alberta.  

Lila's father, Peter Fraser, is a Metis from Fort Chipewyan, Alberta and her mother, Ellen (née Louis), is from the Northern Tuchone country of Mayo Yukon.  Lila is a member of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation from Mayo, Yukon.  

Roy and Lila have two children:  a daughter, Darian who is 15, and a son, Phoenix who is 10.  Both are raised with as many Dene teachings as is possible.  

Bows and Arrows has a long history of providing Indigenous teachings and has done so by engaging with the qualified and talented Indigenous community to provide quality workshops.  Past workshops have included: teepee making, drum and rattle making or beading and sewing classes.  Today, Lila shares her experience with you to provide specific workshops, either on Dene Plants and how to make your own creams and lotions or how to make your own person drum or rattle.  As well, she can liaise with the community to provide advanced and specialty workshops for your company, organization or government.

Naturally Dene prides itself on knowing the communities and the people and takes every opportunity to allow others to share in that journey of discovery for themselves.  Opportunities are sought on how to incorporate Indigenous teachings as well how to bring business benefits to community people who have the knowledge and expertise desired.

Lila has been teaching herself about how to heal naturally, with resources available to her and her family from the land.  She started making creams and lotions from Dene plants in 2009 and continues to learn how to use the land to heal in bigger ways every year.  

Lila can provide a whole variety of workshops for your organization, such as: 

  • Naturally Dene Lotion and Creams
  • Naturally Dene Plant Medicines
  • How to make a hide Drum or Rattle
  • Feather Beading
  • Feather Cases
  • Drum Songs / Singing

If Lila cannot provide a specific workshop, she will work to find the right person for you.  Naturally Dene understands community protocol and aims to provide as many benefits as possible to community experts.  

Whatever teaching you desire, we can recommend community artists and Elders that can provide specific workshops for your company or organization.  Workshops can include:

  • Moccasin making
  • Beading
  • Sewing
  • Beaver Mittens
  • Dream Catchers
  • much, much more...

Tell us what you need and we will work with you to make it happen!




Dene Rose Teaching 1/2 (Picking) June 2017

Plant Medicine Walk, June 2017

NWT Wellness Society 2016